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    Drive more traffic to your website with Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    Internet use is continually on the rise in Australia, with 13 million people now surfing the net making 6 million searches each and every day – and that is just using Google. We now search online for everything from the best restaurants, bars and cafes to contact numbers for doctors, schools and local stores. We research products and brands before we purchase and refer to business reviews to make informed decisions.

    Strategically placed ads on Search Engine Results Pages such as Google and Bing allow your business to jump to the top of the page, and with 72% of all clicks on Google coming from the first page, this is the spot you need to be. This form of advertising allows you to target potential customers who are already interested in the product or service you offer, as they are searching for you.

    Another form of Online Advertising that has seen rapid growth is Facebook Ads. Social media is a way of life for many Australians, constantly logging on to check their news feeds. Facebook ads allow you to target potential customers who share similar interests with the products or services you offer. You can target audiences based on gender, age, location, relationship status and many other factors.

    What is TAG Online?

    TAG Online is The Ad Groups online marketing division responsible for promoting your brand all across the world wide web. Our expert team of digital marketing analysts and consultants can manage an in-depth marketing plan to suit your needs.

    With TAG Online, you can promote your business and services all over social media, google search results, YouTube, and popular websites like Gumtree.

    TAG Online specializes in four key areas of online marketing

    Search ads

    One of the most common and versatile forms of online advertising, Search Ads are fantastic at bringing in new users to your website. Search ads appear at the top of google search results pages, above organic (non-paid) search results. This means that your website will appear before any of your competitors’ websites, giving you a tactical advantage in gaining more website traffic.

    Search ads are powerful not just because of where they appear but also for how they appear. Unlike organic search results, search ads can include additional details about your business and services. A single search ad can include phone numbers, services and products, business addresses, and additional links to other key pages on the website.

    Display ads

    Display ads are the digital billboards of the world wide web and one of the best ways to gain brand awareness. These ads are perfect for getting users attention while they visit their favorite websites or YouTube videos. Your ads will be able to appear on popular websites like gumtree, news.com.au, YouTube, and even on mobile games and apps.

    Our display ads are professionally designed by The Ad Groups elite creative team and developed for gaining maximum results. Instead of just creating 1 ad to promote your business, TAG Online creates 13 different shaped display ads designed to fit different sized screens thus giving you the maximum amount of opportunity to reach your customers.

    Video ads

    YouTube. That’s right, YouTube. TAG Online can get your ads shown all across the world on one of the worlds most used websites of all time. Have your amazing and spectacular TV and cinema ads shown to the billions of people who regularly visit this iconic website. YouTube is a wonderful and joyous place for entertainment, learning, sharing, cat videos, and advertising your brand.

    Video ads appear at the start of other popular videos and are a great way to get peoples attention. Sure, most people will click the skip button after 5 seconds but that’s what makes Video ads so fantastic!

    Wait? What? How is someone skipping my ad fantastic?

    Because it’s FREE! You only get charged for your ads if a user watches at least 30 seconds or clicks the link to your website. You will only ever be charged for people engaging with your ad. So, if everybody skips your ad, you won’t be charged a cent. However, if the same user watches the same 5 seconds of video multiple times, then the chances of them doing business with you increase every time. And the best bit? You only pay when they finally click the link to your website making the whole process cost effective.

    TAG Online can help you create a new video ad or promote an existing ad that you’ve used before. As long as you have a high-resolution copy of your ad, then we can make you a YouTube Star!

    Social Media

    There is nothing more social than social media, and there is nothing more effective in engaging with your customers than advertising on social media. If search ads are about bringing in new customers, then social media ads are about maintaining your relationship with them.

    TAG Online has an expert team of social media and marketing experts can help your customers feel warm, fuzzy, and valued all year round. Let’s face it, most people who are actively using social media want to feel special. Every day, ordinary people like you and me post photos, videos, and status updates about their mundane lives in an attempt to reach celebrity stardom. Why? Because everybody wants attention, so why not give it to them?

    Using social media, we can target any customer who hasn’t recently viewed your Facebook or Instagram page. This is incredibly affective at keeping your customers reminded that you care about them and want each and every one of them to feel special.



    Online advertising is second to none when it comes to engaging with your clients online and promoting your website. No other method of advertisement has the same level of global reach or cost effectiveness with a trackable ROI. Every interaction with your ad is tracked and recorded, making it easier to develop strategies for increasing sales and customer relations.

    Reporting and Meetings

    Just when you thought that TAG Online couldn’t get any better, it just did!

    TAG Online is all about ensuring that you get the most out of advertising online and value for money. As part of your campaign, you will be provided with regular in-depth reports and be invited to meet with our expert team on a regular basis.

    The first report you will receive each month is our Mid-Month Report. In this report, The Ad Group will provide a brief overview of the first half of the month. The key points outlined in the report include: how many times your ad has been viewed and clicked, the average cost per click, what your best preforming ad groups are, and how users have then interacted with your website. Additionally, the report includes comparison information to show how things have changed compared to the previous period.

    The next report is the End of Month Report. As the name suggests, this report covers the entire month and includes a much deeper insight into your online advertising than the mid-month report. In addition to everything outlined in the Mid-Month Report, the End of Month Report includes statistics on daily click rates, detailed ad group and keyword comparison, and geographical analysis. To make understanding the End of Month Report easier, the TAG Online team will sit down with you one on one when presenting the report. During this meeting, we will go through all aspects of your campaign and discuss ways of improving the ads to reflect your business needs and goals.

    Like fashion or hashtags on Instagram, online advertising is also affected by trends. Understanding these changes and patterns is vital to getting the edge on your competition. Our goal is to help you understand these trends and effectively reach customers online. Contact The Ad Group today to talk about how we can help advertise your business online.


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