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    Video Ads

    Be Seen And Heard With Video Advertising

    Harness the visual difference.

    Gone are the days when using a video to promote your business was limited to just the old family television set sitting in the lounge room. Video advertising has now become more powerful and effective than ever thanks to the millions of digital screens that Australians interact with every day. Whether its a smartphone screen or a massive 6m cinema screen, video advertising can reach anyone, anywhere!

    Why is Video Advertising Powerful?

    Videos have come a long way since the invention of motion pictures in 1892. What was once the black and white marvel of the 20th century, has now evolved into one of the most used means of communication and advertising. In a single day, more than 500 Million hours of video content is watched on YouTube alone. That's not including the 10 Billion Snapchat watched each day or the 20 Million videos uploaded to Facebook each month. in short, that's a lot of cat videos!

    “But how does that help me and my business?”

    In 2018, the West Coast Eagles took on the Collingwood Magpies for the AFL Grand Final at the MCG. 100,022 sports fans attended the event, leaving the stadium only 2 seats short of max capacity, the largest crowd since the 1986 Grand Final. Those who where unable to attend in person watched from home, pubs and bars, and even online. In total, 4.3 Million people tuned in to watch the Eagles win. However, that’s not the only thing they were watching.

    Every single person watching the game from home was also watching the ads appearing during the breaks. Commercials for different brands, products, services, and promotions were all being broadcast directly to the 4.3 million people watching their Tv’s. Now imagine if that was your add they were seeing. 4.3 million Mums, Dads, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, and grandparents all watching an ad for your business. Nobody can deny the benefits of that level of exposure. Exposure that only video advertising can bring.

    “But not everyone watches Tv!”

    It’s true, not everyone watches Tv, just like not everyone likes sport. However, video advertising isn’t just limited to Tv’s! Showing you’re ads on Tv is only one of many possible ways to use video as a form of advertising. Your ad can be shown online, on your website, on social media, or even on YouTube either as a standard video or as an ad, placed on someone else’s video, or both! But showing your videos online isn’t your only alternative either! Why not take your ad to the silver screen with cinema advertising? Just another of the many possible ways you can use video advertising!


    Tv advertising

    Advertising on tv is one of the most traditional and widely used methods of advertising but most importantly, it’s very effective. During the airing of Channel 9’s Lego Masters, toy shops around the country ran ads promoting their Lego products. These ads were designed to effectively target the audience watching the show and only ran while it was on Tv. By the time the season concluded 3 weeks after the first episode, Lego sales had risen by 30% Australia wide. This number is said to dramatically rise when the show returns in 2020. While you may not sell kids toys, your own business could also undergo a similar result with a tailored advertising campaign from the Ad Group.


    YouTube/Tag Online

    Launched in February 2005, YouTube is now the number one website for video content in the world. In a single minute, nearly 3 million videos are viewed from users all around the world. That’s the equivalent of the combined population of Perth and Adelaide, all stopping at the same time, and each watching a different YouTube video. Now imagine the brand exposure your business would have if an ad for your company appeared at the start of those videos?

    Thanks to The Ad Group’s TAG Online program, you now have the power to promote your videos all over the internet. Why wait for your customers to find your videos when we can take the videos to them? Video advertising online has had proven results and could make all the difference for your business.


    Cinema Advertising

    Having the power of knowing how popular a film will be, who is going to watch it, and when, is what sets cinema advertising out for the others. This is a fantastic tool for local business trying to target a particular age or gender demographic. With cinema, local restaurants can promote their food to hungry families, knowing that the film they’re watching finishes just before lunch time. This is just one example of the many ways Cinema Advertising could work for your business.


    Website Videos

    Uploading videos to your companies Facebook and YouTube is a great way to promote yourself and cannot be recommended enough. But what about your website? Showing your videos on your website is a great way to get more online traffic and helps keep them viewing your site for longer. This is vital for any business who wants to build brand awareness and engage with their customers.

    Displaying videos on your website offers a range of different benefits but most importantly, it creates a point of difference, and can work as a powerful marketing tool. Lets say you had an online shop, you could increase sales by showing videos of product demonstrations. Not only does your customers have a better understanding of how to use the product, they’ll feel more confident in buying it from you. Additionally, it can help reduce the number of issues your customers might have with the product as they’re able to watch a video on how to correctly use it without breaking it. Your customers will feel better about their experience and will be more inclined to recommend your products to their friend and family.


    Corporate Videos

    Videos aren’t just a powerful tool for advertising your products, they’re also fantastic at promoting your business identity. Rather than selling customers a stocked item, corporate videos promote your staff, company, and the qualities that make them more desirable than that of your competition.

    When two companies sell the exact same product for the exact same price, 70% of the time, the deciding factor is customer service. While many customers will tell their friends and family about their shopping experience, this only ever happens after they have interacted with your staff. Corporate Videos help remove the need for prior interaction and can help you show off just how skilled and qualified your staff are. As a result, your customers will be more willing to do business with you and spend more, simply by knowing that your team are professional and friendly prior to meeting them.

    Corporate videos are fantastic for promoting your business across online platforms such as social media, YouTube, and even your own website.


    Social Media

    Each month, 20 million videos are uploaded to Facebook. Sure, it’s nowhere near as many as YouTube but that doesn’t mean it should be over looked. Whether you admit it or not, social media is still very much big part of corporate branding. And while you’re reading the 500 word easy that your overly emotional aunty wrote about peace and love, your competition is racking in the followers thanks to video!

    Despite making up only 3% off all content on Facebook, Videos have the highest engagement rate and have been linked to cause an increase in followers and likes. In many cases, the video is shared by followers, causing it to go viral. Your brand awareness can be taken even further thanks to video advertising across social media platforms such as Instagram, twitter, and Facebook.


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