Make A Visual Statment WIth Print Advertising

    Print Isn't Dead!

    Even in a digital oriented age, printed material is still considered one of the most trusted sources of information available. Giving your customers the ability to physically hold and interact with catalogues, flyers, and brochures can mean the difference between making a big sale or losing it to your competition. Unlike digital content, printed marketing material is not limited to the screen size of a phone, tablet, or computer. Investing in print isn’t a lost cause when done right.


    Advertisment Posters

    The use of advertising on posters is one of the oldest forms of advertising, dating back to the 1850’s. Over the decades, many advertising campaigns have risen, resulting in some of the most iconic and successful marketing campaigns of all time. Some of these iconic campaigns include the Wild West wanted posters, the WW1 and WW2 recruitment campaigns, movie posters, and even the “Hang in there kitty” motivational posters. All of these campaigns would be nothing without the power of print advertising, the same advertising that is available to your business. While you might not be recruiting for a war, poster advertising can recruit more customers for your business. Influence how your customers perceive your brand and services, making you more desirable than your competition.



    Considered the little brother of posters, Flyers are a fantastic way to promote yourself directly to individuals. Rather than putting up an ad and hoping people will see or hear it, Flyers are often delivered directly to the customer and offer information on a specific product or service. This makes them a powerful tool for business that are looking for a higher level of brand consideration. Flyers are especially effective for business industries such real estate, automotive, and whitegoods, where the customer will often want time to think before investing their hard earned money. In most cases, customers will collect multiple flyers and compare the different options available when making a big purchase decision. If this sounds like your business, then having an attractive and easy to read flyer is essential to winning over your clients. Make your business stand out from the crowd and increase the chances of gaining new business with beautifully designed flyers printed on high quality paper. You’ll win over new clients and increase your customer database.



    Of all the different forms of printed advertising, catalogues are by far one of the most popular amongst consumers. Research shows that before even opening or reading a catalogue, many shoppers automatically assume that the store is having a sale and they’re likely to save money. As a result, consumers will begin budgeting and planning their schedule around the catalogue. Bargain hunters will even use the catalogue as a shopping list, highlight products that they will purchase when they visit your store. However, while catalogues are popular as a printed medium, there is a growing demand for online catalogues. Retail giants such as JB Hi-Fi, Big W, and Myers, all offer electronic versions of there latest catalogues on their website and will often use email marketing to promote the upcoming savings. Business of all sizes can benefit from this form of advertisings. While a catalogue can require more time and effort to produce, they can entices customers to spend more during a single visit and often see customers shopping in groups with friends and family, further increasing the return on investment.



    Also known as Pamphlets, Brochures are a must have for any business wanting to promote a range of services in a printed format. There unique, foldable design allows business owners to present a large amount of information in a compact and organized manner. Additionally, they are available in a range of sizes and folds, making them ideal for mailing to clients or as standalone marketing material. Brochures offer the size conveniences of a flyer but with the organizational benefits of a booklet or catalogue. This makes them more diverse and cost effective than most other forms of printed advertising material. Business attending/holding promotional events or those wanting the ability to present customers with in-depth information on a particular topic or service will be best suited to this form of advertising. Brochures make for excellent pricing lists or as information factsheets for your business and services. How you utilize them is up to you.


    Corporate Printing

    Having a corporate logo and identity is half the battle, the other half is showing it off. Many business owners believe that the only corporate printed advertising material they need is business cards and letterheads. For some business, this is true, however, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Presenting your logo and corporate ID in a unique and memorable way is critical to increasing brand awareness and consideration. Having your branding presented professionally can mean all the difference when customers consider who to do business with. Corporate print advertising isn’t just about business cards and letterheads, there are many other creative ways that you can use to constantly be in the minds of your customers. Why not put your contact details on a stubby holder, ensuring that you’re brand is always on the table for Friday night drinks? Maybe a fridge magnet is more your thing? Every time your customers go to get the milk, your brand will be there when they open the door. Or why not become a fashion icon with your business logo printed on clothing? Regardless of who your demographic is, there are many ways to make your corporate ID part of their every day lives. Corporate print advertising lets your brand become a house hold name, and part of the furniture!


    Press Ads

    Historians have recently been able to trace the creation of the newspaper back to Germany in 1609. However, it wasn’t until the 1800’s that advertising in newspapers became a popular and powerful form of marketing. Over the years, many changes have caused the popularity of newspapers to rise and full, thus resulting in changes to the effectiveness of their ads. However, press ads are no longer just limited to the newspaper. Many publications including magazines and booklets offer the opportunity for business to advertise and promote themselves. Unlike traditional newspapers, these publications are very effective at reaching a more refined targeted audience. Using press ads in this manner, can lead to a noticeable growth in foot traffic and sales while still giving a solid return on your investment.



    Sometimes a catalogue just doesn’t meet the level of professionalism you’re looking for. Maybe you’re a sporting club wanting to create an end of season year book as a keepsake for all of your hard working players and staff. Perhaps your company has a major presentation to an important client that you need to impress. Or perchance, you have a elite level product that demands only the best when it comes to print advertising. Whatever your reason, using booklets as an advertising method is something to be considered when you want to create that wow factor. Booklets are available in all shapes and sizes, whether you’re wanting to go with something more traditional or unique. You can even take the wow factor to another level by using thicker paper, gloss finishes, or even emboss the cover for a stylish finish.


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